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We have Dishmaster products installed in all our kitchen sinks since the late 1950's.Our family business sold them until the late 1960's.

The newest, greatest model, Dishmaster 2000, is a piece of garbage! Now made in a country OTHER THAN USA, the engineering also is really poor. The set screw that holds on the handle works itself out requiring tightening once a week. Big pain!

The water diverter knob also unscrews itself requiring constant tightening. The tube that puts soap into the brush handle pushes on. With soap lubricating it the tube falls off flooding the expensive cabinet. The company will send free parts (they know of the various failures) but after 10 repairs in one year with water sprayed all over the kitchen, I will now have to replace the Disaster 2000 (Dishmaster 2000) with a new faucet set.

Did I mention that the diverter valve sometimes sticks and the next person who turns on the faucet sprays water all over the kitchen?It does.DO NOT SPEND BIG DOLLARS ON THIS CRAPPY PRODUCT!


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At least we now know who works for Silverstream.Dishmaster parts are made in China.

Assembled in USA.

Read the included info.Junk!

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I've installed a dishmaster in every house I've lived in, since I discovered them in the early 80's.I've had my Dishmaster 2000 for almost 11 years, and we had to make our first repair recently.

The hot water tube sprung a leak.

My husband replaced it with a flexible metal tube which will no doubt outlast the unit.I just love it!

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Ok, you used dishmaster since the '80's.We used them from the '50's.

Humm.How do you spell beginner?


Dishmasters are currently made in Mitchell, Indiana, USA, and have been since 2008. Prior to that they were made in Michigan.

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Then why do they have stamped on them "China"? Maybe China Minnesota?


I couldn't disagree more.I also have installed dishmasters in every house I've lived in since the late '50's.

I've bought them for my 3 offspring's families.

I have had a Model 2000 since 2005 with minor repairs over the years.I love Dishmaster & so do they.


i agree !

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